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                         Marty Barigian 
Who am I? I am a human being just as you. I cry, I hurt, I love, I bleed when I fall.  

I also have different energy frequency than most. This energy was a gift from God. I live in gratitude and humility and use this precious gift for others to find their destiny

Why Marty is doing all this 

From a very young age I had a strong intuition, I could feel things, see in pictures or short videos. I would look at somebody and feel what they were feeling.  In the 5th grade I was supposed to give a report in my English class. What I did was give a report (reading) on every student in the class. Once I learned I was different, I went inward, I wanted to be like everyone else. When I was 17 years old I met Warren Barigian, he changed my life forever. All of my adulthood I have worked with Gods guidance to bring universal loving light and guide people to achieve their destiny. I have always been behind the scenes, treasuring my privacy, I was only the guide never the main focus, my students are the focus. To reach more people I am willing to step out from behind the curtain, to bring forward others who will also guide others to reach their destiny. God bless all of us.

Who has most greatly influenced my life. Warren Barigian. I met Warren Barigian and he was very gifted and taught me everything I know, except what I learned from the universe. He did not want me to attend any classes, follow any other methods. I was so different he wanted me to follow my own destiny. I worked behind the scenes with him for over 20 years. We traveled the country and I met so many wonderful people. He wrote that I am the most gifted he has met. I don’t know about that but I am very grateful and live my life in humility.

As a psychic life coach, with my unusual energy I show you 1. Energy What is it? 2. How to harness energy for yourself 3. Why you should share your energy with others 4. How to find True Love 5. Self Love 6. What Is you Destiny 7. Work through trauma or blockages 8. How to be a real friend it feels to be really loved, not just talk about love but feel real love. 

What is your greatest accomplishment. I have worked with so many wonderful people in my lifetime. They work with me and then they move on and live their own lives. As a group they represent my life, individually I have felt so much love from each of the. Universal love of God is the accomplishment. 

My biggest fear is that I miss read a vision or video clip I receive. They often times do not include words and I interrupt their meaning. Maybe I will miss interpret and actually hurt a client. It would be devastating to me.

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